Port Overview

The Bargny-Sendou port will become Senegal's premier industrial port.

The port is a major requirement of the Government of Senegal which will alleviate both the congestion and the environmental concerns currently being felt at the Port of Dakar. For further information on the benefits of the port, please refer to the ‘Local Benefits’ section.

A very real, immediate requirement exists for this industrial port, and the port was a major topic of discussion at the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington in August 2014.

The port will be a multi-commodity bulk terminal designed to accommodate the present and future needs of stakeholders.

The construction of the facility will begin by putting in place the infrastructure and cargo handling equipment required for the present day needs of the many stakeholders that export and import a variety of dry bulk commodities.

The facility is also designed to accommodate future commodities that are expected in the future, such as iron ore, bauxite, alumina, and liquid bulk commodities.

The port is being constructed on a 'greenfield' site that had no basic infrastructure previously in place.