Local Benefits

There are major benefits of the port to the local economy and to the residents Dakar:

Creation of Employment. SMP and all of its partners will employ local companies and workers during the both the construction and the operation of the port wherever feasible.

SMP will set up dedicated training facilities to train local people and to give them relevant skills to be used in the construction and operational phases of the port. SMP will create an affiliation with Cheikh Anta Diop University to hold seminars and courses.

Creation of a platform for the growth of local markets. A world class industrial port will allow Senegal to fully develop its rich mineral resources, and will create an expanded revenue base for the country.

Provides financial benefits to stakeholders and enhances their competitiveness in the global market through:

-Land Transportation Cost savings

-Shipping costs savings by using larger ships

-Reduces the time for loading / unloading of ships

-Reduces / eliminates demurrage

-Savings related to material storage at the port

Reduction in the cost of energy for industries dependent on coal.

The Port of Dakar will be freed up to handle more ‘clean’ goods.